Many organizations claim to be agile. The talk about the ability to respond quickly to unexpected challenges, events, and opportunities. Unfortunately when most organizations talk about their agility they are really describing how quickly they believe their thinking or strategy can change. Actual agility is often inhibited by an organization’s technology infrastructure and related processes.

Astadia works with clients to achieve flexibility in many different ways. Our DevOps 2.0 services target Agile (the methodology) to drive continuous integration and continuous delivery.  In this area we help clients to make agility a component of how they do business from a software perspective. By reducing drag via tools and processes we cut cost and time to value. 

Our Legacy Modernization services transition infrastructure from mainframe environments to distributed computing, often in the cloud. Cost benefits are significant when exiting the mainframe, but the speed organizations can gain is where the greatest business value can be gained. And our cloud and managed services teams provide similar benefits by removing physical infrastructure barriers to agility and allowing skills flexibility relative to supporting technology and people. 

We live in a time where real agility is achievable. The barriers we once had to accept are addressable and Astadia works with clients to do just that. If you are interested in discussing your agility challenges please give us a shout. We will respond quickly.

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