This recent holiday season and  New Year is a great time to reflect on last year.

There are many things to be thankful for from a DevOps perspective. But, there are also matters and practices that need our attention, and correction, in the New Year.  For a DevOps culture this means:

While we’re still not in a state of DevOps nirvana, we are getting closer to what I refer to as DevOps with broad enterprise inclusion, or DevOps Version 2. 

So, what is  DevOps 2.0? It’s the recognition that current DevOps culture and practice have limitations based upon its initial adoption and that correcting these limitations makes a lot of sense.

It’s a little like the term “DevSecOps”. The term is in vogue with both prognosticators and the Market-techs, (marketing sales folks) who want a part of your 2018 DevOps budget.

DevSecOps recognizes that security may have been left out of your current DevOps program.  Since DevOps was implemented in most organizations via a grass-roots developer adoption, it’s obvious why the corporate security team would have been left out. No one liked those folks much to begin with (half joking here folks.) 

The same can be said for other enterprise support organizations: database administration, compliance, or any independent validation and verification group that could have been left out.  Even the Operations group within the initial DevOps implementation may have been left out of task definitions and practice formation!

Again, this is a great time of year to reflect upon which organizations might have been left out and what skill sets and competencies they have to offer your DevOps 2.0 practices in 2018. Remember - Software development is a team sport, and we need contributions from all hands to be successful.

To our current clients, we look forward to delivering DevOps 2.0 practices in 2018. To our new clients, welcome to modern and sustainable DevOps. 

From Astadia’s family to yours I wish you a happy and prosperous 2018. 

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