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Are you responsible for making sure your operational systems are always online? Are you worried about what would happen if your main customer transaction system goes down? So, you already have a Disaster Recovery strategy to protect you against a system failure, but are you convinced it will work as expected when the time comes?

These are fair questions to ask yourself. This means you are cautious and want to understand the steps necessary to make sure you have a robust environment.

The first thing to understand is what is the cost of a disaster, then how to plan for a disaster, and finally can implement the solution that will prevent operational downtime.

Why Does A Disaster Recovery Plan Matter?

Operational downtime can severally impact a company’s finances, loss of opportunities, and even loss of market share, so it is important to not overlook the importance of a DR strategy. Once your backup and DR environments are hosted in the cloud, our Managed Services can take over the daily monitoring and maintenance of your backup and DR infrastructures. Because reducing risk of a disaster and downtime to a business comes down to robust planning.

DR is complicated and Astadia can help with the planning process to make sure your organization counts with the latest DR technologies and strategies. Astadia leverages the latest and proven strategies which includes public cloud offerings AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Planning Ahead

There are many factors to consider when planning and designing a DR Strategy. First you need to identify the risk of a system failure and what is the impact of that failure. Then you need to identify what are the pieces that need to be replicated and restored. You will need to choose your DR location strategy, what technology to use, how to orchestrate all environments, and how to return to normal.

A disruption of service can include a failure of a server node, corruption of an operational system, or a complete loss of a data center. During the assessment, a full analysis will run of your organization’s existing infrastructure and recommend the most cost effective and robust backup solution. Next, the consultant will walk you through many factors to consider when planning and designing a DR strategy.

By using industry leading disaster recovery tools and best practices in the market and matching it up to your IT system requirements will ensure that your DR environment matches your RTOs, RPOs and SLAs. Don’t worry – your expert consultant can determine which DR services best fits your need and should your entire IT ecosystem into consideration.

Download our Preparing a Disaster Recovery Strategy white paper to learn more.

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