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"If your business depends on resiliency you have to get off that mainframe."
Frank Konieczny
Chief Technology Officer


This Service Branch operates and maintains a large aircraft fleet manned by over 239,000 service people around the globe. To provide weapons systems operational support, this Service Branch stores peacetime and wartime readiness data in its Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) Central Database (CDB), a mainframe-based, enterprise-level automated maintenance management information system. Prior to this engagement, vehicle maintenance was reactive. Aside from regular maintenance procedures, vehicles are serviced when a problem happens.


To improve maintenance protocol, the Service Branch sought to streamline its maintenance and procurement activities by implementing proactive, automated maintenance procedures for its fleet, military equipment and war machines. The service branch was also seeking to reduce dependence on a costly mainframe environment and eliminate the risk associated with a shortage of COBOL developers.


This required the Service Branch to modernize its mainframe architecture and use predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to predict maintenance activity based on aircraft readings and schedule required maintenance before an event occurs.  Astadia was chosen for its mainframe re-platforming strategy, which leveraged the mainframe’s COBOL-based code in a modern .NET framework running in the DevOps-friendly Azure Government Cloud.


By modernizing its mainframe, the Service Branch will eliminate expensive mainframe hardware, software, and tooling and expects to:

Reduce IT costs by 90%

Realize a 2,836% Return on Investment (ROI)

Achieve a 5-month payback

Realize a $23 million initial cost savings

Realize $120 million in cost avoidance over 5 years

Astadia has over 30 years of mainframe modernization experience, providing the largest, most highly skilled modernization team in the industry. With this expertise, Astadia blazed a path with a quick and agile approach to modernization at a cost that was 30% less than the competition.

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