Rapid changes in financial technology are constantly putting pressure on the global banking industry to adapt and focus on consumers' needs. In this context, this banking and financial services company was looking for ways to increase competitiveness by reducing costs and making better use of the IT infrastructure.

In order to achieve these goals, they chose to keep business applications on the mainframe platform and migrate using an automated software language translation from Natural to COBOL and CICS with DB2.

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The Project

The process entailed over 8 million lines of Natural code in production at various branches of the bank in 15 countries to Enterprise COBOL. The developers in charge of the Natural system are now able to maintain the transformed code using leading, modern development tools like Eclipse.

The Challenge

A key parameter of this project was the challenging timeframe in which the customer needed to go live. This made the use of automated transformation and testing tools crucial, otherwise the bank would have had to produce over 25.000 lines of fully tested, working code per day during a period of twelve months.

Even with 150 programmers, such productivity is unheard of. Having an effective process and powerful tools to automate the transformation was the only way to make spectacular savings in both time and cost possible.

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The entire project took 20 months to complete with no more than 30 IT experts at both Astadia and the financial services company working together to bring the project to a successful conclusion. The company achieved significant cost savings and a ROI within less than 2 years after completing the project.  

The Benefits

Some of the benefits of our approach and tools include:

  • Minimal risks  
  • Minimal change management
  • No business interruption
  • Project with a short duration
  • No user re-training, as the migrated application retains its functionality

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About the client

ORGANIZATION: A leading global bank

INDUSTRY: Financial services, banking

USE CASES: Refactoring, Natural Migration

RESULT: Reduced system operating costs, improved performance with no business interruptions

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