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Insurance and financial services have traditionally depended on the strength and performance of mainframe computing systems. However, as time has passed, the task of managing mainframe applications has become increasingly difficult due to skills shortages, increasing maintenance and licensing fees, and lack of vertical scalability and integration capabilities.

At the same time, the end-users of financial enterprices have higher expectations than ever. They want to be able to instantly access, monitor and manage their financial information. They rely on instant banking solutions not only for routine activities like online shopping but also for high-quality digital interactions involving complex queries. So how can enterprices enhance agility and competitiveness in an industry undergoing rapid digital transformation?

This guide explains how organizations in the financial sector can address some of the main mainframe-related challenges. It also gives an overview of what they can expect after modernizing mainframe legacy applications and migrating workloads to the cloud.

What's inside

Here are the main topics you will explore:

  • The impact of mainframe modernization on IT budgets
  • Reducing dependencies on a limited talent pool
  • How to optimize IT and business operations
  • Ensuring system and data security
  • Simplified disaster recovery
  • Avoid being the last antelope in the herd

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