Modernizing Mainframe Applications

For decades, mainframes have served as a reliable backbone for mission-critical enterprise applications. Today, skyrocketing operating costs and a shrinking pool of mainframe talent are leading more and more organizations to make the move to the cloud.

Technical obsolescence looms ever larger as the rise of AI, cloud computing, and other digital transformation technologies compel mainframe shops to modernize.

Mainframe modernization projects can be daunting, though. Perceptions about high costs, project risk, and internal resource constraints often prevent organizations from moving forward with much-needed change.

Fortunately, advances in tools and methodologies are changing the game, making mainframe modernization faster, easier, and less expensive than ever before.

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About this Guide

We have gathered the most common challenges that organizations face when planning their mainframe modernization journey and some of the solutions they can implement:

  • Legacy System Architecture and Code
  • The Mainframe Skills Gap
  • Data Migration
  • Business Continuity and Risk
  • Budget Uncertainty

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