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Don’t let your mainframe get in the way of your growth and innovation.

It’s time to free your business growth from being blocked by your mainframe infrastructure. Retain your competitive edge, and embrace the ability to continuously innovate and optimize, by migrating your mainframe workloads and applications to a powerful, fast and cost-effective cloud environment.

How mainframes are blocking business growth


Mainframe inflexibility limits agility, competitiveness and innovation, blocking you from responding quickly to changing market needs.


Monthly License Costs are rising by 4-7% annually and increased mobile, batch and web transaction loads are driving up costs.


There is a real mainframe skills gap present in the industry, as individuals who understand the varying mainframe languages are extremely difficult to source.

Liberate your business with the cloud

In a market where agile technologies and innovation are the main factors advancing business success and growth, cloud computing provides the basis for scalability and flexibility. However, such transformation is not easy for many businesses, as legacy setups, as well as closed mindsets, take precedence over innovation, efficiency and future-proofing. With those concerns in mind, Astadia has set up a uniquely defined framework which does more than ‘lift and shift’, but offers you a defined path to continuous modernization.

    The Astadia Mainframe Modernization Path

    Free your business’ creativity and growth with our unique modernization path. With the help of our experts, who have run nearly 200 successful mainframe migrations, you will embark on journey that will allow your business to unlock the potential currently blocked by your mainframe infrastructure.

    Step 1

    Our experts will assess your existing technology, processes and resources in order to highlight the value and impact of migrating your mainframe infrastructure and applications to the cloud. We’ll then clearly map out your journey, so that there is no uncertainty around the process, outcomes, success criteria and potential pitfalls.

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      Step 2

      Astadia will modernize your infrastructure and applications by migrating them to a leading cloud platform, so you can benefit from improved agility and performance.

      • Unblock the constrained mainframe by re-platforming. Take the step beyond "Lift and Shift" with Astadia.
      • Unlock mainframe dependency with Automatic Code Conversion to a modern language like Java or C#.
      • Ensure architectural advantage by continuously optimizing your environment to make use of the latest technology and innovations.
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      Step 3

      With your applications now independent from your mainframe, this stage makes up part of a long-term strategic engagement where we enable your business to continually benefit from new technology and innovations through the ongoing optimization and modernization of your application landscape. Refactoring and rewriting of applications play a big role here, along with CI/CD, Automated Testing and Mainframe Managed Services.

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        How mainframes are blocking business growth

        Expert methodology

        Astadia developed IP for deep analysis of mainframe environments, a unique methodology and reference architectures to accelerate modernization projects.

        DevOps consulting

        We have developed a market-leading CI/CD methodology for ongoing a continuous CI/CD methodology for development, automated testing, integration and deployment.

        True end-to-end approach

        Our specialists successfully migrated nearly 100 mainframes to open systems or cloud: we are the experts, and we truly deliver end-to-end.

        Thinking about retiring your mainframe?

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