Not in the Cloud? Let Astadia get you there. All our Cloud solutions are designed to scale from start-up organizations to the enterprise performance — whether it is on AWS, Azure or Oracle. Astadia’s Legacy Migrations solutions let you do what was once thought to be impossible: moving your legacy workload to the cloud with minimal change. Our products and services elevate legacy systems to the same level of contemporary technologies, making them an equal player in the digital enterprise. Not ready for cloud? Astadia’s Legacy Migration solutions will move your legacy workload from your mainframe environment to an on-premises solutions to leverage the modernized work and deployment environments of Linux/Unix/Windows with the power of Micro Focus or Oracle Tuxedo runtimes. This solution is giving you the benefits and is cloud ready!

Legacy Migration Legacy Migration

Business Value

Astadia’s Legacy Migrations capabilities can be built on world class public cloud environments for a low-cost, robust solution. We can also tailor our pre-built solutions for Hybrid, Private Cloud and Data Centers. There are many different combinations of programming languages, databases, networks and operating systems. Start with a broad analysis of your application code and products to come up with a detailed design of your target architecture. A detailed plan is essential to a successful legacy modernization project, and it all starts with the discovery stage.

This is what makes Astadia’s Legacy Migration Solution superior:

• Leverages significant investment in proven business logic
• Little to no impact on end users
• Uses less expensive commodity hardware, software, and cloud resources
• A post-migration application environments familiar to existing developers
• A modern development environment familiar to new Visual Studio or Eclipse developers
• Migrated applications easily migrated to other technologies, like mobile and augmented reality
• Cost savings may be redirected to gradual replacement or new initiatives
• Unparalleled mainframe migration experience
• Post-migration Managed Services offerings to maintain and enhance migrated applications

Let’s Us Help With Your Legacy Migration

Astadia has been redistributing legacy workloads to the latest computing platforms for more than a quarter of a century. Our extensive experience in both mainframe and distributed computing technologies combined with our DevOps, Testing, and Managed Services solutions allows us to offer a comprehensive package tailored to your unique requirements. From strategy development to implementation and post-production management, Astadia can transform your business to compete in today’s digital world.

Our experts will transform your IBM, Unisys, and other mainframe applications and platforms, by taking full advantage of public, private and hybrid cloud capabilities. The result is a modern, robust platform that’s more scalable, efficient and reliable. Our approach is tailored to your unique infrastructure, source code, business processes and support capabilities, and we’ll work with you to develop and implement the right mainframe migration strategy to increase agility, ensure compliance and significantly reduce costs.

Using an extensive set of legacy renovation and migration tools and services, Astadia helps modernize your mission-critical applications to take advantage of recent technology advancements. Most of our Customers are seeking to minimize risk, deploy personnel more effectively, and enhance productivity.


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Astadia’s Mainframe Modernization Series

The following FREE Reference Architectures share various techniques and methodologies that may be used in forming a complete and effective Legacy Modernization plan. In each of these documents, you will explore over 17 pages of why you should modernize a mainframe, along with challenges, benefits and an overview of cloud services.

Unisys Mainframe
to AWS cloud

Unisys Mainframe to AWS cloud

Unisys Mainframe
to Azure cloud

Unisys Mainframe to Azure cloud

IBM Mainframe
to AWS cloud

IBM Mainframe to AWS cloud

IBM Mainframe
to Azure cloud

IBM Mainframe to Azure cloud

Unisys Mainframe
to Oracle Cloud

Unisys Mainframe to Oracle Cloud

IBM Mainframe
to Oracle Cloud

IBM Mainframe to Oracle Cloud

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The Astadia Difference

Customers partner with Astadia because they know they can entrust us with their credibility and success. And we understand the significance of this responsibility. We have teams of deeply skilled, experienced IT modernization experts equipped with industry leading methodologies and proprietary tools drawn from over 30 years of successful project execution. We work with a robust partner ecosystem allowing us to find the best solution for each client.

Astadia’s experts have an average of over 24 years of experience. More importantly, our people understand technology is only part of the story. We know how critical it is to understand business issues and objectives. We know processes and culture have significant impacts on the success of the work we do with clients. Our clients know we value context.

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