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Quality Assurance

Consistent, repeatable, automated testing contributes to project success by identifying issues early and enabling your team to resolve problems earlier in the process. According to the Systems Sciences Institute at IBM, it costs 6 times more to fix a bug found during implementation than to fix one identified during design. In modern DevOps environments, reliable automated testing processes are critical to delivering consistent, high-quality results in rapid development sprints.

Mainframe modernization projects
Years of modernization experience
Lines of legacy code modernized

Test Automation

Astadia’s Quality Assurance is designed to support rapid, iterative development processes through automated testing. Our experience with complex IT landscapes gives us a unique perspective on the unique combination of technologies operated by most large organizations; including legacy mainframe code, modern applications, and cloud services. If your Developers and DevOps teams are striving to achieve lower defect rates and faster, more reliable results, Astadia Quality Assurance can help you reach your goal.

Requirements Traceability Testing

Astadia understands the need for businesses to be able to track and trace testing back to their original requirements. Our testing prcoess incorporates that objective in mind to every business requirement defined by outlining those requirements from our clients and mapping them to the test cases. In the end, our clients feel confident in the opertional success and performance of their applications.

Test Engineering Environment (TEE)

Astadia has built a set of tools and methodologies based on nearly 35 years of experience working with complex IT systems. Our Test Engineering Environment (TEE) is an advanced test environment built around a collection of virtual machines (VMs), designed to conduct a range of automated test scenarios simultaneously, in addition to manual testing.

Automation vs. Manual testing
Capabilities for your enterprise
Create test cases on the current environment and replay on the target system
Ease of use for their business people
Integration with modern testing technologies
C# and Java
Like for like functionality
More availability for technologies to test the modern code practice
More options for flexibility
Quickly create and execute new test cases
Reduced cost for maintaining tests
Repeatable testing
Speed of delivery and use
Test for your enterprise
Updating current fresh test cases
We build the foundation for your future enterprise testing, less work for you to do
When we leave you have TEEs

How We Help You Succeed

At Astadia, we aim to deliver success for your company. That success only comes when quality assurance is added to the equation

A Partner, Not Another Vendor

Astadia works side-by-side with your IT staff, operating as an extension of your team and helping you to produce reliable, consistent IT results at a reasonable cost.


Automation of development and testing environments assures high-quality results, rapid regression testing, and successful outcomes using agile methodologies.

Full Feature Testing

Astadia works with you to develop the test environment and processes that best serve your needs. We cover security, mainframe migration, performance, and integration & application testing.

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Our Services

Astadia’s Quality Assurance services are designed to meet the unique needs of each customer. We have nearly 35 years of experience working with large organizations with highly complex requirements. Our experts can tailor QA programs to meet your specific requirements, including:

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