Walter Sweat is Astadia’s Chief Technical Officer, a seasoned veteran with 40+ years of experience in mainframe applications and mainframe migration and modernization projects.

Besides Astadia, Walter has worked for GT Software and Fujitsu in the mainframe modernization space, as well as Fortune 500 companies such as Home Depot, NAPA Automotive Parts, Ashland Chemical and Dell.

Walter has held roles such as developer, development manager, project manager and architect with those companies. Today, Walter focuses on helping companies who are interested in exploring mainframe migration and modernization options.

His expertise centers on finding ways to help companies retain their mainframe functionality as they transition to more agile open system and cloud environments, allowing them to see better performance at a lower cost. He also has experience in helping company’s rearchitect their mainframe environment, taking advantage of the capabilities of more flexible hardware and software solutions.

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