7 Critical Success Factors for Cloud Adoption

Cloud computing surrounds us every day - whether we are overseeing the shipment of millions of packages per day around the world or we are just ordering lunch using the mobile app from the salad joint downstairs.

If you are an executive of any organization or you have a role in the information technology group, you are somewhere on the spectrum of deciding if, when and how to adopt cloud computing.  You are or soon will be investing in the promises it offers - reimagined customer experiences, dramatically improved cost models and technological scale that was only achievable by the largest of enterprises.

The journey, however, is not always smooth and there are plenty of challenges that await those who would lead their organizations down this path.

We have focused our discussion on the following:

  • Embark on a Journey, Not a Monolithic Project
  • Understand the Cloud Essentials
  • Understand the Business Drivers
  • Apply the Right People, Processes and Partners
  • Develop Appropriate Metrics to Gauge Success
  • Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider
  • Determine When to Tackle Business Transformation

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