Migrating from COBOL to OO Programming Languages

Organizations relying on legacy systems are under pressure to reduce costs and make their IT infrastructure compatible with technologies that are essential to digital transformation.

As COBOL-based business applications tend to be large monoliths and COBOL skills become increasingly scarce, IT leaders are looking for solutions to integrate new digital capabilities and migrate to more modern programming languages without interrupting business operations.  

While some opt for a fast, automated transformation approach, others need to take an alternative route, as they are hindered by “change management aspects”.

Astadia offers various paths to move from COBOL to Java or C#:

  1. Transform the code immediately and start working natively in Java/C# from then onwards
  2. Combine maintaining COBOL code with executing Java/C#. The developers can make the transition to maintaining Java/C# gradually over time, for example team by team.

 Both options are described in this white paper. Get your copy and contact our team to learn more.

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