Is My Data Migrated Correctly?

This question gets asked at different times: certainly, during a proof-of-concept, sometimes during an assessment and almost always just before going live, when everything is being checked and double-checked.

Often, the following informal formulation is being used:

Can we be sure that our data is migrated correctly?

Meaning two different things:

  1. Is all my data migrated?
  2. Is the migrated data equivalent to the source data?

To vouch this, we have embedded a data verification mechanism into the data migration solutions we provide.

Download the paper below to get a detailed look at what data verification entails and how it is executed.

White Paper Overview

  • The distinction between data verification and data validation
  • Configuration
  • What do we check?
  • How do we check?
  • Fictive and real life samples

Get an instant copy of the white paper and contact our team to learn more.

Download the White Paper

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