IBM Mainframe to AWS Reference Architecture

This Whitepaper leverages Astadia’s 25+ years of mainframe platform modernization expertise. Key topics in this Whitepaper include:

Why modernize a mainframe and The challenges associated with mainframe modernization.
An overview of the IBM mainframe and The IBM mainframe to AWS Reference Architecture.
An overview of AWS services and A look at the Astadia Success Methodology.
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IBM Mainframe to AWS

IBM Mainframe to AWS

In businesses today, across all market segments, cloud computing has become the focus of current and future technology needs for the enterprise. The cloud offers compelling economics, the latest technologies and platforms, and the agility to adapt your information systems quickly and efficiently. However, many large organizations are burdened by much older, previous generation platforms, typically in the form of a mainframe computing environment.

Although old and very expensive to maintain, the mainframe platform continues to run the most important information systems of an organization. The purpose of this reference architecture is to assist business and IT professionals as they prepare plans and project teams to start the process of moving mainframe-based application portfolios to Amazon Web Services (AWS). We will also share various techniques and methodologies that may be used in forming a complete and effective Legacy Modernization plan.

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