Transforming COBOL into Java

There are many good reasons to make the move to Java from COBOL, but the following are the largest concerns for businesses today:

High (and rising) maintenance and runtime fees for the existing COBOL products
The shrinking availability of COBOL developers and lack of interest in COBOL from young developers
End-of-life scenarios for certain COBOL technologies
Transforming COBOL into Java

Java offers answers to all of the above concerns:

  • Support fees are negligible when compared to COBOL, even with the updated Oracle licensing policies.
  • Java is one of the most widely-used programming languages today (1), and it is the language of choice for instruction in the IT programs of many schools. Documentation of the language, software libraries, and development tools are also available free of charge.
  • While not an ISO standard like COBOL, Java is very formally specified. In contrast to ISO specifications, the Java Language Specification can be accessed and downloaded free of charge, the language specification can be downloaded from Furthermore, the Java platform has an open membership community process, with companies as diverse as HP, Cisco, IBM, Hitachi, Boeing, and Oracle working together to adapt the technology to new computing demands. The portability of the technology and its suitability to internet-computing have been defining features from the very first versions, ensuring the language is dialect-free, despite it having multiple implementations on multiple platforms.
  • Its interoperability and portability are unsurpassed when compared to other technologies: it operates with practically all database and middleware technologies in use today and runs on everything from smartphones to washing machines to mainframes.

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