Unisys Mainframes to Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

In this document, we will explore:

The UNISYS Mainframe Software Environment
The options for Mainframe-To-Cloud Migrations
The Power of Red Hat OpenShift
Unisys Mainframes to Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud Platform

Unisys Mainframe Modernization to Red Hat OpenShift

Evolving customer behaviors and expectations are driving digital transformation across industries. Customers and partners often expect to interact with an organization, in real-time, whether at a physical location, through a website, using a mobile app, or by phone with a live customer service agent. The same is true with employees: they continue to demand efficient ways to connect with their organization and with each other.

Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud Platform and Astadia migration/modernization services combine to deliver a perfect next-generation platform for your Unisys ClearPath MCP and OS2200 mainframe applications portfolio.

Once the mainframe application set has been fully deployed on OpenShift on IBM Cloud Platform, you will have the freedom to re-engineer traditional applications into a more contemporary computing style, modernize legacy interfaces and integrate with other applications. In addition, many new services, like mobile and wireless, can be easily connected to OpenShift on IBM Cloud platform, thus enhancing the overall power of your new cloud computing environment. Your investment will serve to support both the current needs and the future requirements of your business.

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