We are wrapping up 2021, and what a year this was! With Covid-19 still around and an economic environment even less stable and predictable than before, organizations had to make strategic decisions on how to survive or capitalize on a new business paradigm.  

At Astadia, we were able to adapt, grow, and continue to do what we preach: achieve true agility, innovate, and launch new services based on our client’s needs, expand our partner ecosystem, provide insight into mainframe modernization, invest in research and development, create a safe work environment for our employees and continue to grow and expand.

Here are some of the 2021 accomplishments we are proud of:

Grow and Expand: Anubex Acquisition

In March 2021, Astadia acquired Anubex, becoming a complete mainframe modernization company. The selection process took several months, and technology and expertise were major factors in finding the right fit. We looked at all major solutions providers in the replatforming and refactoring space, and the Belgian software company Anubex stood out from the crowd with an exceptional set of conversion and testing tools, and the highest degree of automation in the market.

The company values and cultural fit were other important factors in the selection process. As Astadia’s CEO Scott G. Silk put it in our first joint company meeting - “We came to realize that Anubex was a mirror image of Astadia in Europe, and the two companies were perfectly complementary to each other.”

Essentially, the merger with Anubex means two things: our company now provides a complete mainframe applications-to-cloud RoadMap, offering all solution sets required to migrate from any IBM Z Series, or UnisysClearPath platform, to any cloud platform; moreover, Astadia has transitioned from a consulting and services boutique to a tech-enabled services company.

Brand Reposition and Branding Update

Following the company’s recent evolution, we have articulated our story and brand values, updated Astadia’s visual identity and revamped our website to highlight the solutions, technologies, products and resources we provide.

The Astadia logo stayed the same, but we have shifted from red and orange as accent colors to bright green. According to color psychology, green is one of the easiest colors for the eye to process, and inspires progress, development, growth, sustainability, and safety. As we help organizations to accelerate digital transformation and give their IT systems a new life, we feel that our refreshed color scheme better expresses who we are and what our brand stands for.

The Astadia Migration Factory

In March, we announced the availability of the Astadia Migration Factory™, a powerful platform which automates the process of moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud computing platforms.

The Factory was built with one goal in mind: to provide organizations with a complete transformation solution and allow them to achieve successful and timely migration projects with minimum risk and cost.

Another great advantage of the platform is its accessibility: since the “migration know-how” is embedded in the automation, the specific source and target know-how required from developers is limited to market available IT skills. No extensive mainframe experience is needed, and people can be trained to an operational level in a matter of weeks, which makes the Factory highly scalable.

Over the past months, our team has been working on a comprehensive licensing and training process that makes the Astadia Migration Factory available for any organization planning to accelerate its mainframe to cloud journey. If you want to know how the platform can support your team or transformation project, get in touch for a demo here.

New Key Partnerships

Working with trustful market-leading solution providers has always been a focus at Astadia, and we are proud to have expanded our network with new strategic partnerships with Accenture, Alaska Communications, Connectria, FNTS, Kyndryl, McKinsey & Company, and Slalom. We have also strengthened our collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by joining the AWS Public Sector Partner Program and the recently launched AWS Mainframe Modernization Service.

Check out all our solution and technology partners here.

New Clients and Award-Winning Projects

Although the pandemic continued to put pressure on many companies’ budgets and projects timelines, Astadia successfully finalized a series of mainframe modernization projects and expanded its portfolio with new major clients in the automotive, financial, aviation and federal government sectors. Here are some of our happy clients.

One of the major accomplishments this year was the national recognition of the mainframe transformation project that the U.S. Air Force implemented with Astadia to modernize a mission-critical system and migrate it to the cloud. The project was highlighted as a top priority by the GAO and the military and has been awarded the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s (AFCEA) Distinguished Award for Excellence in Engineering. Read the story here.

Innovate and Invest in R&D

In 2021, the Astadia development team has been working diligently to upgrade and extend the available migration options, including IDMS transformations to Java and full support for IDMS Logical Record Facility (LRF) to the market; feature-parity CICS migration solution targeting .NET, fully automated transformation from Assembler to Java, and multiple deployment functionalities and upgrades for the DataMatch and DataTurn tools. Learn more about the new functionality and upgrades here.

Growing Team and Organizational Changes

As we continue to grow our business, we have hired more people to build a solid support team for our growing Managed Services department and restructured our company organigram to strengthen our evolution.

See You in 2022

We are grateful to all Astadia employees, partners and clients who share our values and are part of this journey. Thank you all and see you in 2022!

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