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Migrating Mainframe Applications

Big Head's and Migrating Mainframe Applications

Scott Kitlinski
Jun 21, 2019
2 min

I have a really large head. Clearly this is a strange way to start a blog post, but stay with me.

When I go to buy a hat the size of my head is a real challenge. Few places carry my size. Many have adjustable caps, even these are a challenge for me. And the labeling saying “one size fits most” just makes me feel bad.

I often feel the same angst when speaking with prospective clients. They often want to talk about “best practices”, but I struggle with the one size fits most view this implies. “Right practices” feel much better to me. When we work with clients our goal is to get to the right practices and a approaches to fit the clients unique scenario.

An example of this is when a prospective customer asks, “What is the best approach to migrate mainframe apps to the cloud.”

If you ask this question and get a quick answer, BEWARE. This person may be more interested in selling their “hat” than finding the right fit for your head.

The best way to migrate question should be met with a flow of questions back to you. They will dive into the business context, types of apps, staffing, cost, risk, constraints, application portfolio, strategy, etc, etc. Based on this dialogue you may end-up with a few options to consider, each with their own merits.

Astadia has many ways to approach migrating mainframe applications. This allows us to find the best fit for your organization. So let’s have the dialogue to find your options and best fit.

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