A recent article on DevOps.com, the  popular online media blog and news site for all things DevOps, talks about the increased need of having a flexible IT infrastructure, able to handle the high demands and more complicated challenges around compliance and regulations and the need to run a system that can provide more value-added services.

As author Cameron Jenkins, former global practice lead for the application modernization division of Dell Services, states in the article, these IT needs are often in stark contrast with the legacy systems that run these business-critical applications. Programming languages like COBOL, frequently used in this business, finance and administrative systems, are now operating for 6 decades, and it is starting to show.

Jenkins mentions 5 reasons to take the leap to modernize your legacy applications:

  1. Worries about losing COBOL expertise from you IT team
  2. The need to take advantage of more agile IT methods
  3. Reliance on dated technology makes you lose your competitive edge
  4. Low confidence in the currently operating IT environment
  5. Your company is locked-in with rigid, established vendors and partners

Does any of this sound familiar to you when thinking about your current legacy system and its applications, but are you unsure on how to take a first step towards change? Or has your IT department already taken the decision to migrate, but experiences some particular or complicated issues during the course of modernization?

Get in touch and tell us how we can help you. We have extensive experience with automated modernization systems, not just from COBOL, but also Adabas-Natural, Assembler and CA IDMS to name a few, and would love to show you how we can help you resolve your migration issues.

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