We are happy to announce the general availability of TestMatch release v6.0!

Below are the most notable new features of this new release. Where applicable, the TestMatch User Guide has been adapted/extended to describe these features in more detail.

Comparison of Scenarios

The comparison of test scenarios - one of the core features of TestMatch - has received a major overhaul.
This results in many exciting new features:

  • Ignore rules are now reported on all screens where they triggered. This allows you to better assess their scope and effectiveness. You can review/edit/delete them on the spot.
  • Screens with differences can now be “approved” if their differences are considered acceptable. These screens are reported separately with a darker shade of green, to distinguish them from “correct” screens.
  • You can add a comment to Ignore Rules as well as Approve Rules for better reference and documentation.
  • TestMatch will provide suggestions and a list of recently used Ignore Rule expressions and comments when adding a new rule.
Integrated Demo Application and Tutorial

TestMatch now contains a small demo application, accessible via a built-in 3270 server. You can use this application to try out TestMatch features like Proxy Recording, normal replay and load-testing replay.

A brand-new tutorial now accompanies TestMatch and uses this demo application to guide you through all important features.

Dynamic Tests

A new TestMatch plugin “Convert to Java Unit Test” allows you to combine the unique replaying/recording features of TestMatch with the ultimate flexibility of the Java programming language. Starting from a generated Java source, you can now easily add dynamic features to your tests:

Add variable input to your static tests. For instance, pick from a list of customer numbers instead of always using the same one.

Add conditional logic to your tests. For instance, test for the presence of divergent screens and react to them appropriately.

Make your tests more robust. For instance, compare screen contents more selectively using “contains” instead of “equals”.

Improved Reporting

The load-testing replay mode now features a live graphical representation of the throughput. The underlying data can be exported to CSV.

A new feature called “Compare History” will write a summary of every executed comparison to the Compare History log. This history can be exported to CSV with a single click, providing you with instant progress reporting.

All PDF reports have been revised and can now also be generated as HTML.

Get Organized

Several new features allow you to better organize your repository:

  • Top-level scenarios can be hidden to allow you to declutter the repository tree and better focus on relevant scenarios.
  • It’s now easier than ever to create multiple repositories and switch between them. For instance, you could have an individual repository for each of your applications, keeping their tests nicely separated.
  • Comments in Scenarios and Sessions can now contain hyperlinks. This allows you to link TestMatch recordings to external information sources.
Other Improvements

While the above are the most visible changes in v6.0, many other notable improvements have been made:

> New “Message Flow” feature to analyze transaction flow in large recordings.

> Messages can be inserted/deleted directly from the visualization panels.

> X/Y scales of Performance Comparison Graphs can be controlled separately.

> Meta Data in the Scenario/Session can now be edited.

> Plugin directory can be selected from within the TestMatch preferences.

> A replay comment can be provided directly from the replay dialog (or from the command line).

> All differences can be exported with a single click from the compare overview panel.

> Various small improvements in bug tracking integration.

> Performance optimizations when visualizing extremely large XML messages.

> It is now easier to navigate the repository tree using just the keyboard.

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