As agile practices have gained in popularity, more organizations than ever before are choosing to integrate development, testing, and release processes into a single cohesive whole. A successful DevOps implementation requires an experienced hand, with a deep knowledge of the best practices, technology, and human factors that affect the outcome.

Astadia works with your organization to assess your options, tailor a plan to meet your unique needs, and operationalize DevOps tools and practices to increase your team’s agility and responsiveness.

In addition to providing comprehensive planning, coaching, and project management for DevOps implementations, our team has developed a comprehensive set of automation tools and methodologies to support your DevOps practice. The foundation of these are our engineering environments which standardize and automate the test and development functions to eliminate variability, while integrating them around a common pipeline and repository.

The Development Engineering Environment (DEE) automates the configuration and deployment of a standardized development environment to ensure consistency for all members of your team. In many organizations, individual developers install components on their PCs as needed. Updates may be applied by different developers at different times. Eventually, this “configuration drift” introduces variability that can contribute to issues further downstream. Eliminating that variability reduces anomalies, saves time, and ensures higher quality code. The DEE allows for the management and deployment of standardized environments in the cloud or on virtual machines, fully automated and designed to fit with your organization’s unique mix of tools and processes.

The Test Engineering Environment (TEE) automates the configuration and deployment of test environments, deployed in the cloud or on a VM. Tightly integrated with development, the TEE shares a common repository with development and streamlines many of the manual tasks that are prone to introduce errors and unintended variability.  

At Astadia, we know that DevOps requires a different way of thinking. We routinely lead transformational projects that demand careful attention to the interplay between existing organizational culture and these new tools, processes, and technologies. We understand the human factor, and we have the experience to help your team achieve its potential in the transition to DevOps.

Astadia has over 30 years of experience implementing transformational change for complex, mission-critical systems. DevOps has long been a key component of our methodology, so we understand how to do it right. We provide companies and government agencies with a combination of deep experience in agile practices, world-class project management, and a body of best practices that have worked for some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world.

Take a look at our case studies to learn how we help top insurance companies, financial institutions, federal agencies, and state and local governments to shorten the systems development life cycle and achieve continuous delivery. If your organization is considering a transition to DevOps or if your current DevOps practice could benefit from a review, get in touch with our experts.

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