Transforming COBOL code into accurate, maintainable, object-oriented equivalent is essential in application modernization projects. But choosing the fastest and most powerful solution is not always straightforward.

Moreover, the promise of complete automation has become a universal claim in the mainframe migration industry, regardless of the automation levels and the transformation outcome.

We’re giving you the opportunity to test for free the Astadia FastTrack Factory, a software platform that can do highly scalable 99.9962% automated code refactoring, by launching the Astadia 24 Hour Challenge.

How it works

Curious how your COBOL code can be transformed into object-oriented programming language over night? Here's how it works: you send us a sample of your COBOL code and receive back, in just 24 hours, a 100% functionally equivalent Java or C# code.

See for yourself how much faster, easier and more efficient COBOL to Java and C# transformation can be.

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