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What brand of sphygmomanometer does your doctor use?

Scott Kitlinski
Nov 14, 2018
2 min read

I was speaking with a client recently, we’ll call him Frank, about all the tools Astadia uses in delivering our services.   He is a very sharp IT veteran and after answering his questions he said something very insightful, “Ultimately it’s a black box to me as long as you deliver the results.” 

Frank’s perspective made me consider that I have no idea what brand of tools my mechanic uses on my car; and I have never asked my doctor what brand of sphygmomanometer he uses to check my blood pressure. Yet prospective customers inevitably spend a lot of time asking us what tools we use for everything. Let’s keep in mind the rate of change in the IT tools market and which tools apply to what types of companies.  Our answers seldom have a great value.

What Frank really focuses on with us is what outcomes and results we achieve and how.  He wants to understand the experience of Astadia and our team members, and he wants to know how we collaborate with our clients to make them better.

Frankly speaking, we have many tools and they change periodically.  Putting the tools into the hands of the right people with the right processes is what drives real success with our clients.

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