IBM and UNISYS Legacy Applications and Databases into the Cloud

Clients will now benefit from accelerated and proven efficient options when moving Applications into Cloud

BOSTON, MA.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Astadia and Blu Age announce a partnership to assist clients currently operating large Enterprise Applications and Databases on IBM and UNISYS mainframes, zSeries, iSeries computers, and to easier migrate to Azure, AWS, GCP and Oracle Cloud Platforms.

In today’s environment, organizations have a “Cloud First” strategy for deploying business applications. Since most of the critical business applications reside on legacy platforms, moving them to the Cloud requires expert skills, methods and proven technologies. The combination of Astadia and Blu Age offers these organizations a complete range of professional services:

  • Application Migration into the Cloud
  • DevOps & Test Automation
  • Managed Services for Cloud operations

The combination of Astadia and Blu Age address the following key points:

  • All of the available options: re-platform & refactor/re-architect
  • Shrinking pool of human resources
  • Continued high cost: increasing price per MIPS
  • Leverage the Cloud services

“This is an exciting time to be in the Mainframe to Cloud Migration business. The rapidly shrinking pool of people with mainframe software and hardware skills has given a new sense of urgency to IT buyers. This adds to the ever-increasing cost of mainframe platforms,” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO of Astadia. “With the wave of Cloud computing, organizations are rapidly moving their applications and databases. The Cloud enables incredible software innovation and developer productivity, while only charging the client for the resources they consume. As a result, this alliance makes such disruptive transitions secure, fast and affordable.”

“Blu Age is the leading software vendor in the refactoring transformation of COBOL to Java and C# Core of legacy applications and databases that will optimally leverage Public Cloud services. Astadia are experts in re-platforming transformation leveraging Micro Focus technologies. The migration of large-scale applications and databases into the Cloud and On-Premise deployments is our focus. With more than 28 years of success, we excel at migrating legacy applications and databases,” Silk said. “The Astadia model is consultative and outlines all options and tradeoffs our clients have in complex migrations. We specialize in assisting IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Unisys (NYSE:UIS) mainframe clients planning to migrate to the Cloud.”

“We are successfully refactoring PowerBuilder, COBOL, PL/1, RPG400 and COBOL400 applications for the North American market for the past 20 years. Since 2017, we are facing an increasing demand for migration of legacy systems to Public Clouds. The Pandemic has strengthened this trend. The market is looking for reliable, low risk, rapid and affordable solutions to leverage the disruptive sustainability and efficiency of Cloud providers,” said Christian Champagne, Chairman and CEO of Blu Age. “The partnership between Astadia and Blu Age strengthens our commitment to successful migrations for our North American Clients. My best advice to CIOs is to go for an eight-week Proof of Concept.” said Mr. Champagne.

“Astadia and Blu Age are experienced mainframe-to-cloud migration firms and their focus on Azure will benefit numerous enterprise companies,” said Bob Ellsworth, WW Director Mainframe Transformation at Microsoft.

Mainframes still run significant workloads on behalf of commercial and public sector organizations; yet the cost of maintaining these platforms increases annually while the availability of skilled software technicians rapidly declines. Azure supports these workloads with security, performance and reliability, fueling new digital transformation and innovation.

“By aggressively driving digital transformation with Azure, Astadia and Blu Age demonstrate the power of Microsoft’s Cloud environment to run mainframe application workloads for clients around the globe,” said Mr. Ellsworth.

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