BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Astadia announces the appointment of Walter Sweat as Chief Technology Officer. Walter joined Astadia in October 2018 working with our clients and our technology and solutions delivery groups. In this capacity, Walter has been directly involved in the planning, development and delivery of projects to Astadia clients. His broad knowledge of business applications, programming languages, databases and operating systems gives him a solid technology background he has built over 40 years in the IT Industry.

The Mainframe Migration market segment is a very familiar environment to Walter. He has worked extensively with the Micro Focus (NYSE:MFGP) Platform. Prior to joining Astadia, he worked on many mainframe migration projects at GT Software and Dell. At GT Software, Walter held the positions of Director of Migration Strategy, and Principal Technical Architect. While at Dell (NYSE:DELL), Walter worked as a Solutions Architect Consultant. Before Dell and GT Software, Walter worked as a Systems Engineer, Development Manager and Project Leader. Walter is a graduate of the University of Georgia, with a BBIS degree in Business Systems.

“Astadia’s leadership position in Mainframe Migration is an exciting place to be right now”, Sweat said. “Mainframe shops are struggling to deal with the shortage of people that have experience and skills in mainframe software and hardware technologies. The cost of Mainframe platforms continues to increase year over year, partly fueled by software and hardware price increases, and the cost to get experienced mainframe technicians. With Cloud and Hybrid computing models designed to support today’s organizations, the flexibility and innovation afforded the IT buyer makes the Cloud the first choice for application deployments. Astadia supports all of the popular Cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, Oracle and Google”.

Astadia are the IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Unisys (NYSE:UIS) Mainframe Migration experts. With 28 years of successful client projects, our experience and expertise is a distinct advantage when a client considers a mainframe migration to the Cloud. Our consultative approach to mainframe migrations begins with a rigorous planning process. Astadia will outline all possible options and choices that our clients have available, along with the relative strengths and weaknesses of each option, as well as cost estimates.

“We’re excited that Walter has accepted the challenge to be Astadia’s CTO” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO. “In this period of time, having strong technical vision and leadership is essential to our continued growth and success.” Astadia is a technology consultancy focused on Mainframe Migration to the Cloud, cloud development, managed services and legacy modernization, to provide industry-leading service offerings to their clients.

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