The mainframe-to-cloud experts at Astadia to further serve organizations by offerring their factory delivery model to Google Cloud customers.

Boston, August 09, 2022 [Business Wire] — Astadia today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program giving Google Cloud customers the ability to leverage its automation solutions to accelerate mainframe-to-cloud migrations.

As a Google Cloud partner, Astadia offers accelerated workload migration to Google Cloud through the AstadiaFastTrack Factory, a software platform that automates and standardizes the mainframe migration process.

By joining Google Cloud Partner Advantage, Astadia expands its support for enterprises and government organizations that run mission-critical applications on mainframe systems to tackle some of the biggest challenges associated with these platforms. It provides them with the technology and expertise required to move to a modern cloud-based model and reduce operational cost, avoid vendor lock-in, eliminate dependency on scarce skills, enhance IT productivity, improve maintainability, and accelerate time to market.

Adopting a cloud-first strategy is an increasing necessity for organizations that support key business sectors worldwide. By strengthening the partnership with Google Cloud, Astadia further supports enterprises and government agencies to accelerate this process and lay a solid foundation for continuous digital transformation,” said Scott G. Silk, Astadia’s Chairman and CEO. 


By migrating to Google Cloud with Astadia,organizations can:

  • Request a rapid assessment providing a roadmap and an estimated cost to migrate mainframe workloads. This includes a variety of solutions, automated testing, DevOps, and support options
  • Perform code transformation from multiple sources (z/OS, z/VSE, CICS, IMS, Assembler, JCL, COBOL, Natural,ADS, Fortran, REXX) when migrating to Google Cloud.
  • Migrate legacy databases and files (Db2, Adabas, IDMS, IMS DB, VSAM, GDGs) to Google Cloud
  • Use the Astadia FastTrack platform that industrializes the process of migrating and testing legacy applications.


To learn more, download The Industrialization of Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration white paper.

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Astadia is the market-leading software-enabled mainframe migration company, specializing in moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud platforms in unprecedented timeframes. With more than 30 years of experience, and over 300 mainframe migrations completed, enterprises and government organizations choose Astadia for its deep expertise, range of technologies, and the ability to automate complex migrations, as well as testing at scale. Learn more on

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