Boston, January 10, 2023 [Business Wire] — Astadia, a leading software-enabled mainframe migration company, announced a partnership with CAST, a software intelligence market leader, to help organizations worldwide accelerate their mainframe migration and application modernization programs.

Despite being costly to maintain and difficult to scale, many enterprises and government agencies continue to rely on mainframes. However, mainframe modernization and transitioning to modern cloud computing technologies are now seen as a strategic priority acrossall industry sectors.

The new partnership enables organizations to take advantage of Astadia’s long history of working with mainframes and CAST’s intelligence solutions to successfully modernize their mission-critical business applications. It provides the skills, experience, and tools to minimize the time spent in the mainframe migration transition phase and maximize the long-term success and advantages of modernization.

Converting applications to newer code and migrating them to the cloud allows organizations to stay competitive in the marketplace by leveraging the latest technology innovations and software development approaches. Astadia’s unique factory delivery model enables clients to modernize and migrate to the cloud in unprecedented timeframes, ensuring business continuity, and dramatically reducing risk, effort, and project duration,” said Scott G.Silk, Astadia’s Chairman and CEO.

Astadia provides organizations with the technology and expertise required to move to a modern cloud-based model and reduce operational cost, avoid vendor lock-in, eliminate dependency on scarce skills, enhance IT productivity, improve maintainability, and accelerate time to market. The Astadia FastTrack platform offers a complete mainframe-to-cloud migration solution that can reduce the duration of a typical migration project by as much as 90%. Its automation capabilities and technology coverage offer a reliable and scalable mainframe migration strategy and enable industry-leading organizations to increase speed, optimize costs, and unlock vertical scalability and agility.

“Enterprises and software vendors are increasingly looking to take advantage of the cloud for complex-built applications, which are mostly designed for different environments and need to be modernized or refactored. Typically, there is no accurate intelligence available about their actual architecture or what needs to be changed,” said Marc Zablit, CAST EVP Business Development.

CAST products provide insights into the inner workings and structural condition of custom-built applications, essential for speeding up and de-risking their migration and modernization to the cloud. CAST Highlight can analyze hundreds of applications in a week to pinpoint what needs to change in the source code, the effort required, the best-suited cloud services to use, and the best migrationpath. CAST Imaging then automatically reverse engineers the existing architecture of a given application into interactive application maps to help architects and developers navigate key modernization steps.

About Astadia

Astadia is the market-leading software-enabled mainframe migration company, specializing in moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud platforms in unprecedented timeframes. With more than 30 years of experience, and over 300 mainframe migrations completed, enterprises and government organizations choose Astadia for its deep expertise, range of technologies, and the ability to automate complex migrations, as well as testing at scale. Learn more on

About CAST

CAST, the software intelligence category leader, provides technology that automatically generates insights into the inner workings of software applications, with MRI-like precision - composition, architecture, transaction flows, cloud readiness, structural flaws, legal and security risks. It’s becoming essential for faster modernization for cloud, raising the speed and efficiency of Software Engineering, better open-source risk control, and accurate technical due diligence. CAST operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, India, China. Visit

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