Operate IBM System I – AS/400 applications in the Cloud -- Astadia offers all options for clients moving IBM midrange applications to the Cloud

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Astadia and Connectria announce a partnership to assist clients currently operating large Enterprise Applications and Databases on IBM System I (NYSE:IBM) midrange computers to migrate to the Cloud Platform of their choice. This includes the original AS/400 family of midrange systems. In today’s environment, many organizations have a “Cloud First” strategy for deploying business applications. Since most of the important business applications reside on midrange and mainframe systems, moving these applications and databases to the Cloud requires expert skills and technology. Astadia’s partnership with Connectria offers midrange clients a managed hosting and managed services platform.

“Astadia and Connectria offer clients using IBM System I a complete managed hosting and managed services solution. This enables organizations to get to an operational Cloud platform like Azure or AWS, while reducing IT operational staffing levels.” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO of Astadia. “Astadia clients may choose to deploy on the Azure or AWS Cloud, with an option to move to a private IBM i Cloud. Mission-critical application workloads have the right profile for a migration and transformation to a Cloud platform” said Mr.Silk.

“With Astadia we saw an opportunity to work together on new customer joint pursuits, as well as existing customer referrals, with the leading mainframe modernization company. Connectria and Astadia have outstanding track records when it comes to delivering customer-oriented results utilizing IBM platforms, which makes this partnership a natural fit. This partnership allows us to offer management, modernization and migrations services to customers no matter what IBM infrastructure they utilize,” said Amar Patel, Connectria’s Chief Executive Officer.

For more details, take advantage of Astadia’s FREE Mainframe-to-Cloud Modernization Guide series, where we assist our clients as they plan and move into a safe and secure, high performance, cloud environment. This series covers IBM (NYSE:IBM) and UNISYS (NYSE:UIS) mainframes, and all popular target Cloud Platforms.

In these Mainframe-to-Cloud Migration Guides, readers will explore 20 pages of:
• Why migrate mainframe applications & databases to the Cloud?
• The challenges associated with mainframe modernization
• Detailed diagrams of mainframe software mappings to the popular Cloud Platforms
• Programming languages & database translation tables

The Mainframe-to-Cloud Guide series is FREE, and may be downloaded.
Click on this link to view the Astadia Mainframe-to-Cloud Modernization Guide Series. (Link: https://www.astadia.com/whitepapers)

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Founded in 1996, Connectria provides award-winning hosting, managed services, and cloud management software for more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Connectria is the largest IBM System I (AS/400) cloud provider in the world. Connectria has become a leader in providing cloud migration and transformation services for organizations of all sizes.

For more information, please visit www.connectria.com

About Astadia

Astadia is the market leading mainframe modernization consulting and systems integration boutique. A worldwide IT consulting firm, we specialize in moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud platforms. In fact, we were recently named Microsoft’s Mainframe-to-Azure partner of the year. Clients select Astadia for the following reasons: mainframe to cloud market focus, 28 years of mainframe experience, and hybrid READI methodology. Upon project completion, customers often select Astadia to manage their cloud environment as well. We have successfully completed over 200 mainframe modernization projects and are recognized industrywide as the mainframe to cloud experts.

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