Boston, MA, United States [Business Wire] – Astadia, the leading mainframe to cloud company, has announced the company’s highlights in 2021 and reaffirmed its commitment to supporting enterprises and public organizations accelerate their digital transformation through a fully automated mainframe modernization platform. The company’s highlights of 2021 include new acquisitions, strategic partnerships, services, and business growth.

“This past year showed the importance of making strategic decisions for increased business agility, sustainability, and resilience. With the urgency for digital transformation and the challenges brought by Covid-19, we have seen that organizations are more willing to rethink their legacy systems and accelerate their cloud journey,” said Scott G. Silk, Astadia’s Chairman and CEO. “We have focused our efforts on developing top mainframe modernization and automation solutions and took a step further by industrializing the mainframe to cloud migration process and making the technology available to clients and partners, so they can benefit from the extensive expertise and software solutions that Astadia has to offer.”


Some of Astadia’s key achievements in 2021 include: 

Anubex acquisition. In March 2021, Astadia acquired the Belgian software company Anubex, becoming a complete mainframe-to-cloud solutions provider. The acquisition makes Astadia the only company that offers industry-leading replatforming and automated refactoring solutions, and a complete mainframe migration RoadMap to any cloud platform.

Pipeline and revenue growth. After a year and a half of business slowdown in almost every industry due to Covid-19, and as the company diversified its software products and solutions, Astadia saw a 7X increase in pipeline, with significant growth in the mainframe modernization, managed services and DevOps segments, laying the foundation for further development and business growth in 2022. Moreover, the company set a record-breaking bookings quarter in 4Q/21.

Commercial availability of the Astadia FastTrack Platform. Earlier this year, Astadia announced the availability of the FastTrack Platform, which automates the process of moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud computing platforms. 

The platform offers a complete mainframe-to-cloud migration solution that can reduce the duration of a typical migration project by as much as 90%. It has abroad coverage of legacy technologies such as COBOL, Assembler, CA IDMS, Natural, and ADABAS that can be migrated to, among others, Java or C# in combination with all the leading SQL databases.

By licensing FastTrack, Astadia’s partners and clients can use the platform independently to modernize and migrate functionally equivalent applications that are ready for deployment on the target platform of choice.

New key partnerships. In 2021, Astadia has entered into new strategic partnerships with top technology and solution providers and strengthened its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by joining the AWS Public Sector Partner Program and the AWS Mainframe Modernization Service.

Successful projects & awards. In 2021, Astadia successfully finalized a series of mainframe modernization projects and expanded its portfolio with new major clients in the automotive, financial, aviation, and federal government sectors.

A major accomplishment was the national recognition of the mainframe transformation project that the U.S. Air Force implemented with Astadia to modernize a mission-critical system and migrate it to the cloud. The project was highlighted as a top priority by the GAO and the military and has been awarded the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association’s (AFCEA) Distinguished Award for Excellence in Engineering.

Astadia 2022 Outlook

Some of the milestones expected in 2022 include:

  • Expand and diversify the company’s board of directors enhancing the corporate presence in the federal and commercial markets
  • Create new strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies by licensing the Astadia FastTrack Platform
  • 100% revenue growth
  • Establish and consolidate Astadia’s position as a market leader in both replatforming and refactoring mainframe modernization segments
  • Further expand the company footprint in North America and Europe
  • Becoming the largest tech-enabled mainframe-to-cloud solutions company

About Astadia

Astadia is the market-leading mainframe to cloud software, consulting and systems integration boutique. We specialize in moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud platforms. With more than 30 years of experience, over 300 mainframe migrations completed, enterprises and government organizations choose Astadia for their deep expertise, range of technologies, and the ability to automate complex migrations and testing in unprecedented timeframes and at scale.

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