JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Astadia announces the release of their Mainframe Modernization Series Highlighting Multiple Reference Architectures. These reference architectures assists business and IT professionals as they prepare plans and project teams move mainframe-based application portfolios and databases to modern mainframes. In addition to the reference architecture, this comprehensive document includes various techniques and methodologies that may be used in forming a complete and effective Legacy Modernization plan. The document analyzes the importance of the mainframe platform and how it continues to run the most important information systems of an organization.

The Mainframe Modernization series will include the following Reference Architectures:
Unisys to AWS
IBM Mainframe to AWS
Unisys to Azure
• IBM Mainframe to Azure (coming soon)
• Unisys to Oracle Cloud (coming soon)
• IBM Mainframe to Oracle Cloud (coming soon)
• AWS to AS400 (coming soon)
• Azure to AS400 (coming soon)
• Oracle to AS400 (coming soon)

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