Astadia announces they will continue providing working solutions for Time, Inc – UK. This service offering provides a Subscriptions Management platform for Time Inc called Bluebird. Time, Inc has an extremely robust subscription database and the current work provides the enhancements to the platform so it actives prime optimization.

The contract was first awarded in August 2013 by IPC Media to build a POC (Proof of Concept) for one of their Print titles, the “Decanter” magazine. Subscriptions Management for their 63 titles was outsourced to an external organization. IPC Media needed a flexible and scalable platform which would cater for their future needs and so engaged Astadia to migrate their customers off a legacy Mainframe system onto a new custom Cloud based platform. Astadia built an entirely new Subscriptions Management System which was based upon the platform and also utilized the Zuora payments application.

The POC was successfully completed for the Decanter title and in July 2015 we started to migrate a further 5 titles. In December 2015, we started to migrate the remaining titles so that all their 63 titles were working satisfactorily on the new Subscriptions Management platform. In the summer of 2016 we went live with the new platform and started using it in anger.

Since going live, we have been supporting the live production environment and in November 2016 we started developing new enhancements for the platform following feedback and new requirements from the users.

In addition to the above, we have also been training a team of Time Inc consultants based in India, carrying out knowledge transfer on the solution we have built for them so that they can become self-sustainable in the future.

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