COBOL has been around for nearly 60 years and is an indispensible workhorse for leading companies around the world. COBOL is stable and reliable and with the ability to process billions of transactions with ease, it isn't going away any time soon.

So why do CIOs have a “love-hate” relationship with COBOL? Maybe the real challenge is with the platform COBOL runs on. These legacy systems can be expensive to operate and maintain, the needed skills are in short and diminishing supply, and today’s global, mobile, always-on environment is placing new digital demands on existing applications that they never designed to deal with.

In this Astadia Cloudburst webinar replay, presented by Astadia and Micro Focus, we’ll help you step into the cloud with confidence and give you seven good reasons to start your journey today. We’ll also explain how the right mix of tools, technology and best practices can deliver new benefits while reducing cost and risk. You’ll learn:

  • Why cloud is the ideal platform for COBOL
  • How moving to the cloud helps you get more from COBOL than ever before
  • How COBOL in the cloud significantly reduces costs, increases scalability, and makes you more agile in the face of changing market demands
  • Best practices for planning and executing your move to the cloud
  • Which tools and technologies can significantly reduce the risk, cost and uncertainty of moving existing COBOL applications to the Cloud.

Please enjoy this webinar on demand and let us know how we can help you move COBOL to the cloud in 2017.

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