What You Will Learn

Planning a mainframe exit  strategy in your organization or just want to learn more about migrating legacy workloads to the cloud? Unlocking the agility, security and savings of mainframe modernization makes migration to the cloud a journey, not a sprint.            

Tech leaders from Microsoft, Astadia and FNTS have formed a new mainframe modernization partnership and organized a webinar on “Mainframe  Modernization: How to minimize risk and prepare your roadmap to the cloud.”  

They have provided a mainframe migration roadmap and dive deeper into three strategic phases of mainframe modernization that ensure a seamless, risk-mitigated transition to the cloud.

Meet the Speakers

Rehosting Strategy

Chris  Williamson

Field  CTO, FNTS

Chris  Williamson will discuss the need to ensure existing mainframe workloads are  managed and fully available between an organization’s current state and future  state in the cloud. When code changes are not required for migration, a  lift-and-shift approach can be utilized.

Refactoring Strategy

Walter  Sweat

CTO,  Astadia

Walter  Sweat will provide an overview of cloud integration methods for extracting  data, converting applications to newer code and migrating workloads to the  cloud for business continuity and scalability.

Replatforming Strategy

Scott  Spiro

WW  Director, Specialist of Mainframe Transformation, Microsoft

Scott  Spiro will outline the main drivers of migrating mainframe and midrange  workloads to a public cloud platform to enhance innovation into the future.

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