Even though there has been a massive move to the cloud in recent years, there have also been a number of companies claiming they have not realized the reduction in costs that they had expected by making that move.

Access the webinar replay - Cloud Readiness Assessment and Migration Planning  to learn the importance of proper, thorough and thoughtful assessment of your existing environment prior to moving your enterprise workloads.

In this webinar replay, experts from Astadia and Cloudamize will help you navigate your organization through:

  • Cloud assessment of your current environment
  • Cloud configuration in multiple public cloud options – AWS, Azure or Google
  • Cost modeling to factor into your TCO models
  • Post-migration monitoring and continuous cost optimization

Learn from Astadia VP of Cloud Solutions, Steve Lack, and Cloudamize expert Adi Rao  to learn what you need to know about Cloud Readiness Assessment and Planning.

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