Although there is a vast consensus around the necessity and urgency of becoming agile and speeding up innovation, many organizations are still reluctant to embark on a mainframe modernization project, with applications failure and business interruption being CIOs' worst nightmares.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

A complete automated solution ensures minimal turnaround time for workflows, no errors or delays, and reduced overall project costs. Moreover, it gives IT teams confidence and control over the transformation project.

To offer the highest level of automation on the market, Astadia introduced the FastTrack Factory: a software platform combining tools, processes, and technologies to accelerate and standardize a successful mainframe migration project.

The platform is available to partners and clients to support various stages of a digital transformation project, from automated code transformation and data conversion to testing and DevOps implementation.

Join the webinar to learn how you can benefit from the power of the FastTrack.

Main Topics

  • Introducing the Astadia FastTrack Factory
  • How much can and should you automate in a mainframe migration project?
  • The industrialization of mainframe-to-cloud migration
  • How organizations can use the factory to accelerate their mainframe migration projects

Meet the Speakers

Scott G. Silk - CEO Astadia

Scott G. Silk is Chairman the CEO of Astadia and has over three decades of experience and noteworthy success as a leader in the technology space.

Louis Heymans - Managing Director, Astadia  

Louis Heymans is Managing Director at Astadia and an IT leader with extensive experience in building business operations and leading teams in developing high performing migration solutions.

What You Might Be Facing

  • High migration-related risks
  • Business interruption
  • Vendor lock-ins
  • Lack of mainframe migration expertise

What You Can Do

  • Use an automated approach and a proven methodology to migrate valuable legacy systems to modern, mainstream technologies
  • Industrialize the process of mainframe migration to reduce costs, risks, and timeframes

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