CA IDMS from Broadcom provided many large organizations with a powerful, stable, and rapid development environment in which to build their mission-critical applications. Many of those applications are still mission-critical today, with literally thousands of man-years of development invested in each of them. However, organizations that are dependent upon such systems are at risk of becoming technologically trapped and supporting unsustainable costs.

What you might be facing

  • Increasing license costs
  • CA IDMS related development skills decline
  • Lack of technical support

What you can do

Use an automated approach to migrate these valuable systems to modern, mainstream technologies.

Main Topics

  • CA IDMS migration options
  • Why you should consider migrating from CA IDMS & why now?
  • Why automation is essential in successful modernization and migration projects
  • Examples of organizations that liberated their CA IDMS legacy business applications


  • Louis Heymans, Managing Director at Anubex, an Astadia Company
  • Craig Storey, Chief Commercial Officer, Atlantic Lottery
  • Ameer Tal, IT Project Manager

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