For 30 years I have been in IT industry. And for all of that time the promise of technology has been to accelerate business; and there are many ways in which we have delivered on that promise. Yet there is still too large a gap between business need and technology speed.

I recently spent a day with my colleagues responsible for the other Astadia Practices. They are truly brilliant individuals who lead highly skilled organizations. As I listened to Will Hurley, who runs our Software Lifecycle Services business, I was blown away. He discussed in great detail the work we are doing with clients to dramatically accelerate delivery by software development organizations. 

He explained how we do this across the spectrum of development; DevOps and Testing groups with customers. When I boiled it down, his presentation was about how we radically decrease the time it takes to go from idea, competitive opportunity/threat to delivered software – with increased quality and integrity. And not just in a single scenario, but as a way of doing business.

Our SLS team accomplishes these high impact, organization shifting results by addressing culture, methodology, and tools. 

The approaches and techniques Will and his team use address what all technology should target: decreased operational friction, business acceleration, and the opportunity for real continuous innovation at near the speed of business.

Your technology investments are supposed to increase business value, but optimal returns require optimized approaches.  It’s about time we recognize business is about time and we do everything we can to leverage that critical commodity.  

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