Five-Part Video Series Addresses the Fundamentals of Migrating Mainframes to the Cloud

Boston, MA – November 27, 2019 – Astadia and Micro Focus Government Solutions today announced a five-part video series addressing key considerations for mainframe modernization and migration to the cloud. The series highlights the key considerations and advantages of mainframe modernization.

The series is broken into the following episodes: (note: we will add links to the videos)

1. Happy Birthday – COBOL Turns 60.  Discusses the staying power of COBOL and why it will remain a significant component of modern systems.

2. Mainframe Modernization Approaches.  Looks at the main options (the “Rs”) of modernization and discusses considerations for Rewrite vs Replace vs Rehost

3. Developing Your Mainframe Modernization Roadmap.  How to plan for a successful mainframe transformation effort.

4. Measure Success for Mainframe Modernization.  Touches on government initiatives and mandates as well as quantifying the benefits of modernization, i.e., cost savings.

5. Cloud Is The New Mainframe.  How and why the cloud accelerates modernization and enables mainframe workloads to achieve agility.

The videos are sessions recorded by mainframe modernization experts Steve Steuart and Kevin Hansen.  As the Chief Technology Officer at Astadia, Steuart offers over 26 years of mainframe modernization expertise and is a frequent featured speaker at industry events. He led Astadia’s first mainframe migration in 1993 and his passion for client success has contributed to over 200 successful mainframe migration and modernization projects.  Kevin Hansen, Chief Technologist at Micro Focus Government Solutions, has 20+ years of working with the public sector, driving forward the security and modernization of core business systems by developing and executing successful digital transformation.

Micro Focus and Astadia have enjoyed a 25 year partnership, and this video series is one more effort the companies have made to educate and assist organizations considering mainframe modernization.

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