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Legacy modernization is not just about running mainframe applications on a cheaper platform; it’s about creating a bridge to the future. Refactoring is the fastest and most cost-effective path to get you there.

Mainframe modernization projects
Years of modernization experience
Lines of legacy code modernized

Green Screen to Modern UI

Refactored applications offer a range of different user interface options. Whether you want to update to a modern look and feel, or prefer to retain the familiar look of green screen applications; Astadia’s refactoring methodologies and tools have you covered.

The Astadia Migration Accelerator

Astadia speeds mainframe migration projects with a unique combination of proprietary methodologies, automation tools, test scripts, and proprietary templates developed over the course of three decades.

Our hybrid methodology combines agile development principles with the stability and predictability of time-tested software development frameworks to achieve the best of both worlds. We help our customers deliver quality and innovation quickly, while aggressively limiting project risk.

60-80% Cost Savings

Astadia helps customers preserve the value of existing IT assets, reducing or eliminating the need to rewrite applications from scratch. Refactoring projects offer a highly cost-effective approach to modernization and unlock access a large pool of IT talent for maintaining and improving modernized application code.

On Premise
PL/1 to Java/SQL
Natural/ASABAS to C#/SQL
Natural/ADABAS to Java/SQL
Mapper to Java/SQL

The benefits of Refactoring

Refactoring applications has many benefits. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider it as part of an overall mainframe modernization project.

Cost savings

On average our customers achieve 60-80% savings with refactoring compared to the cost maintaining legacy application code.

Reduced Risk

Rewriting applications from scratch is risky and expensive. Refactoring is a predictable, proven process that doesn’t interfere with application logic.

Larger talent pool

Refactored applications are coded in modern programming languages using object oriented principles, giving you access to a much broader talent pool.

Better performance

Refactored applications typically perform at least as well, and usually better than the original application.

No Emulators Required

Refactored applications run natively on the chosen target platform, without requiring an emulator to function properly.

Better analytics

Unlock all the possibilities that the cloud has to offer, including big data analytics, integration, & data enrichment.

Our ReFactoring Services

Astadia has more than three decades of experience with legacy modernization projects. We don’t just migrate your code; we understand the complete picture, and we know how to get you where you need to go, quickly and efficiently.

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Benefits of ReFactoring

Quicker migration time better application performance

Convert your application code to a modern language

Unlock all the benefits that of a modern cloud native application

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