Astadia and Blu Age Partner to move Mainframe and iSeries Systems to the Cloud

June 29, 2020

IBM and UNISYS Legacy Applications and Databases into the Cloud

Clients will now benefit from accelerated and proven efficient options when moving Applications into Cloud

BOSTON, MA.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Astadia and Blu Age announce a partnership to assist clients currently operating large Enterprise Applications and Databases on IBM and UNISYS mainframes, zSeries, iSeries computers, and to easier migrate to Azure, AWS, GCP and Oracle Cloud Platforms.

In today’s environment, organizations have a “Cloud First” strategy for deploying business applications. Since most of the critical business applications reside on legacy platforms, moving them to the Cloud requires expert skills, methods and proven technologies. The combination of Astadia and Blu Age offers these organizations a complete range of professional services:

  • Application Migration into the Cloud
  • DevOps & Test Automation
  • Managed Services for Cloud operations

The combination of Astadia and Blu Age address the following key points:

  • All of the available options: re-platform & refactor/re-architect
  • Shrinking pool of human resources
  • Continued high cost: increasing price per MIPS
  • Leverage the Cloud services

“This is an exciting time to be in the Mainframe to Cloud Migration business. The rapidly shrinking pool of people with mainframe software and hardware skills has given a new sense of urgency to IT buyers. This adds to the ever-increasing cost of mainframe platforms,” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO of Astadia. “With the wave of Cloud computing, organizations are rapidly moving their applications and databases. The Cloud enables incredible software innovation and developer productivity, while only charging the client for the resources they consume. As a result, this alliance makes such disruptive transitions secure, fast and affordable.”

“Blu Age is the leading software vendor in the refactoring transformation of COBOL to Java and C# Core of legacy applications and databases that will optimally leverage Public Cloud services. Astadia are experts in re-platforming transformation leveraging Micro Focus technologies. The migration of large-scale applications and databases into the Cloud and On-Premise deployments is our focus. With more than 28 years of success, we excel at migrating legacy applications and databases,” Silk said. “The Astadia model is consultative and outlines all options and tradeoffs our clients have in complex migrations. We specialize in assisting IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Unisys (NYSE:UIS) mainframe clients planning to migrate to the Cloud.”

“We are successfully refactoring PowerBuilder, COBOL, PL/1, RPG400 and COBOL400 applications for the North American market for the past 20 years. Since 2017, we are facing an increasing demand for migration of legacy systems to Public Clouds. The Pandemic has strengthened this trend. The market is looking for reliable, low risk, rapid and affordable solutions to leverage the disruptive sustainability and efficiency of Cloud providers,” said Christian Champagne, Chairman and CEO of Blu Age. “The partnership between Astadia and Blu Age strengthens our commitment to successful migrations for our North American Clients. My best advice to CIOs is to go for an eight-week Proof of Concept.” said Mr. Champagne.

“Astadia and Blu Age are experienced mainframe-to-cloud migration firms and their focus on Azure will benefit numerous enterprise companies,” said Bob Ellsworth, WW Director Mainframe Transformation at Microsoft.

Mainframes still run significant workloads on behalf of commercial and public sector organizations; yet the cost of maintaining these platforms increases annually while the availability of skilled software technicians rapidly declines. Azure supports these workloads with security, performance and reliability, fueling new digital transformation and innovation.

“By aggressively driving digital transformation with Azure, Astadia and Blu Age demonstrate the power of Microsoft’s Cloud environment to run mainframe application workloads for clients around the globe,” said Mr. Ellsworth.

Astadia Appoints Walter Sweat Chief Technology Officer

May 28, 2020

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Astadia announces the appointment of Walter Sweat as Chief Technology Officer. Walter joined Astadia in October 2018 working with our clients and our technology and solutions delivery groups. In this capacity, Walter has been directly involved in the planning, development and delivery of projects to Astadia clients. His broad knowledge of business applications, programming languages, databases and operating systems gives him a solid technology background he has built over 40 years in the IT Industry.

The Mainframe Migration market segment is a very familiar environment to Walter. He has worked extensively with the Micro Focus (NYSE:MFGP) Platform. Prior to joining Astadia, he worked on many mainframe migration projects at GT Software and Dell. At GT Software, Walter held the positions of Director of Migration Strategy, and Principal Technical Architect. While at Dell (NYSE:DELL), Walter worked as a Solutions Architect Consultant. Before Dell and GT Software, Walter worked as a Systems Engineer, Development Manager and Project Leader. Walter is a graduate of the University of Georgia, with a BBIS degree in Business Systems.

“Astadia’s leadership position in Mainframe Migration is an exciting place to be right now”, Sweat said. “Mainframe shops are struggling to deal with the shortage of people that have experience and skills in mainframe software and hardware technologies. The cost of Mainframe platforms continues to increase year over year, partly fueled by software and hardware price increases, and the cost to get experienced mainframe technicians. With Cloud and Hybrid computing models designed to support today’s organizations, the flexibility and innovation afforded the IT buyer makes the Cloud the first choice for application deployments. Astadia supports all of the popular Cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, Oracle and Google”.

Astadia are the IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Unisys (NYSE:UIS) Mainframe Migration experts. With 28 years of successful client projects, our experience and expertise is a distinct advantage when a client considers a mainframe migration to the Cloud. Our consultative approach to mainframe migrations begins with a rigorous planning process. Astadia will outline all possible options and choices that our clients have available, along with the relative strengths and weaknesses of each option, as well as cost estimates.

“We’re excited that Walter has accepted the challenge to be Astadia’s CTO” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO. “In this period of time, having strong technical vision and leadership is essential to our continued growth and success.” Astadia is a technology consultancy focused on Mainframe Migration to the Cloud, cloud development, managed services and legacy modernization, to provide industry-leading service offerings to their clients.

Astadia Expands Worldwide Operations Wilson Rains joins as Chief Revenue Officer

May 12, 2020

Expansion in EMEA supports Worldwide Clients

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Astadia announces the expansion of worldwide operations. Wilson Rains, a senior industry leader, has joined the executive team as Chief Revenue Officer. He has 23 years in the mainframe modernization marketplace. Wilson has spent the past 15 years at GT Software as their VP-International Sales and Global Alliances. Previously, he held similar positions at Jacada, ClientSoft and IBM. Wilson holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The Citadel in Charleston, SC.

“This is an exciting time to be in the Mainframe Migration business. The rapidly shrinking pool of people with mainframe software and hardware skills has given a new sense of urgency to IT buyers. This adds to the ever-increasing cost of mainframe platforms,” Rains stated. “With the wave of Cloud computing, organizations are rapidly moving their applications and databases to this platform. The Cloud enables incredible software innovation, while only charging the client for what they consume.”

“Astadia are experts in Mainframe Migration. The move of large-scale applications and databases to Cloud and On-Premise deployments is our focus. With more than 28 years of success, we started out moving to distributed systems,” Rains said. “The Astadia model is consultative, and outlines all options our clients have in complex migrations. We’re not all things to all people, but we are all things to some people, and those people are IBM Z series (NYSE:IBM) and Unisys (NYSE:UIS) clients looking to migrate to the Cloud.”

Mr. Rains assumes worldwide responsibility as Astadia’s Chief Revenue Officer. He has established a presence in the EMEA geographies, starting with a UK HQ. The EMEA marketplace is very active in the area of mainframe migrations. In addition, many of Astadia’s clients are International organizations.

Mike Rochford has joined Astadia and he will lead the EMEA operation. Mike has been working in the Application Modernization market for 30 years. His most recent position being as the EMEA lead for the Application Modernization practice at NTT Data Services. Prior to that he spent 17 years with the Advanced Computer Software Group who recently acquired Modern Systems. Mike brings an in-depth knowledge of the EMEA markets, and an extensive network of partners and associates, that will be valuable to Astadia.

“We’re thrilled to have Wilson and Mike onboard,” said Scott G. Silk, Chairman and CEO. “With their extensive backgrounds in worldwide Mainframe Migration projects, we have added significantly to our global operations.”

Astadia Teams Up With Micro Focus Government Solutions For Video Series On Mainframe Modernization

January 2, 2020

Five-Part Video Series Addresses the Fundamentals of Migrating Mainframes to the Cloud

Boston, MA – November 27, 2019 – Astadia and Micro Focus Government Solutions today announced a five-part video series addressing key considerations for mainframe modernization and migration to the cloud. The series highlights the key considerations and advantages of mainframe modernization.

The series is broken into the following episodes: (note: we will add links to the videos)

1. Happy Birthday – COBOL Turns 60.  Discusses the staying power of COBOL and why it will remain a significant component of modern systems.

2. Mainframe Modernization Approaches.  Looks at the main options (the “Rs”) of modernization and discusses considerations for Rewrite vs Replace vs Rehost

3. Developing Your Mainframe Modernization Roadmap.  How to plan for a successful mainframe transformation effort.

4. Measure Success for Mainframe Modernization.  Touches on government initiatives and mandates as well as quantifying the benefits of modernization, i.e., cost savings.

5. Cloud Is The New Mainframe.  How and why the cloud accelerates modernization and enables mainframe workloads to achieve agility.

The videos are sessions recorded by mainframe modernization experts Steve Steuart and Kevin Hansen.  As the Chief Technology Officer at Astadia, Steuart offers over 26 years of mainframe modernization expertise and is a frequent featured speaker at industry events. He led Astadia’s first mainframe migration in 1993 and his passion for client success has contributed to over 200 successful mainframe migration and modernization projects.  Kevin Hansen, Chief Technologist at Micro Focus Government Solutions, has 20+ years of working with the public sector, driving forward the security and modernization of core business systems by developing and executing successful digital transformation.

Micro Focus and Astadia have enjoyed a 25 year partnership, and this video series is one more effort the companies have made to educate and assist organizations considering mainframe modernization.

Astadia Teams Up with Micro Focus and Microsoft to Deploy “FASTPaaS” to the Cloud

July 9, 2019

Boston, MA—Further empowering customers to more effectively modernize their mainframe infrastructures, Astadia today announced a key agreement with Micro Focus and Microsoft. The partnership creates a new joint offering to deliver a more effective transition of legacy applications and elements to flexible, scalable cloud-based infrastructures on Microsoft Azure.

As part of the collaboration, customers can migrate mainframe assets via a joint Astadia and Micro Focus offering, FASTPaaS – a comprehensive suite of products and core methodologies designed to transform COBOL applications for next-generation digital infrastructures. The solution is designed to transition core infrastructure elements directly to Microsoft Azure, the award-winning open, flexible and enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.

"Astadia is committed to helping customers tap into the power of mainframe and legacy environments in this newly digital world. That's why we're so focused on building the best partnerships that drive the mainframe modernization journeys," said Steve Steuart, Chief Technology Officer at Astadia. "Micro Focus has built a successful track-record with clients globally to keep critical systems alive, all while preparing for the next wave of modernization on premier offerings like Microsoft Azure. This new joint offering is a win for our customers worldwide – allowing them to accelerate the pathway to cloud more effectively than ever before."

The shift from proprietary, mainframe-based infrastructures to flexible cloud computing models provides customers with significant opportunities to save time and money. In fact, a recent survey of senior IT decision-makers indicates that 94 percent are actively considering moving off mainframes, and 77 percent believe their organizations should have already initiated migration initiatives. Another report notes industry leaders expect a dramatic rise in the importance of physical vs. digital infrastructures – with nearly 60 percent of businesses counting on the latter by 2023. The path towards modernization is just as dramatic in the government sector. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security reported a $1.6 billion cost savings from infrastructure modernization efforts – including a significant reduction in labor required to maintain legacy systems and software.

Based on a proven methodology, government agencies are already actively utilizing the FASTPaaS methodology to advance legacy environments via a "cloud-smart" approach.

"Customers understand the importance of cloud technology, but often aren't sure how to get there. Mainframe environments just weren't designed to deliver the flexibility and scalability critical to competing in this newly digital and mobile world," said Chris Livesey, Senior Vice President, Modernization at Micro Focus. "This agreement with industry leaders like Astadia and Microsoft will go a long way towards enabling this modernization shift, while not losing sight of the core technology that runs the business."

The Astadia mainframe modernization offering is backed by decades of experience and hundreds of successful migrations – helping customers to unlock infrastructure potential currently blocked by mainframe platforms. Astadia's approach is based on three core steps, including: Mainframe Assessment, Mainframe Modernization and Application Modernization.

The comprehensive process begins with full assessment of legacy technology, processes and resources to build a detailed journey map. During the next phase, a modernization program is activated - migrating core infrastructure and application elements to leading cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure. Once applications are independent from the mainframe, Astadia works on ongoing optimization through refactoring and rewriting – alongside CI/CD and Automated Testing.

"Astadia has been migrating mainframes for the past 25 years. FASTPaaS is their latest framework for rapidly deploying mainframe-based applications to the Cloud. With FASTPaaS, you will benefit from 25 years of expertise, and a proven methodology, for deploying your mainframe based applications on Azure," said Bob Ellsworth, Director Mainframe Transformation, Microsoft.

To learn more about modernizing mainframe environments with Astadia, or the new FastPaaS Program in conjunction with Micro Focus, please visit or Readers can explore all that Microsoft Azure has to offer at

Astadia is a global premier technology consulting firm with a focus on mainframe migrations that has benefited hundreds of clients, converted millions of lines of COBOL, and helped maximize the impact and minimize the risks of today’s blended enterprise and cloud IT ecosystem. Astadia has a bench of deeply experienced solution engineers, best-in-class modernization tools, and the processes and methodology optimized for our mainframe modernization specialty. Microsoft, a strategic technology partner for Astadia, recently honored the company with the “Top Performer” award for Mainframe to AZURE Modernization.

For more information about Astadia, please visit and follow Astadia.

Micro Focus helps organizations run and transform their business through four core areas of digital transformation: Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Predictive Analytics and Security, Risk & Governance. Driven by customer-centric innovation, our software provides the critical tools they need to build, operate, secure, and analyze the enterprise. By design, these tools bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies—enabling faster innovation, with less risk, in the race to digital transformation.

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